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Republica Moldova 30 de ani de independență

Moldova's Declaration of Independence: political and moral testament of a sacrifice generation

Retrospective of events

Real premises for the declaration of Moldova’s Independence appeared following the coup d’etat from August 1991. Many people wonder why Moldova did not declare its independence earlier, at the same time with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania? The answer is at the surface and experts know a lot of details, even if most agreements between Mikhail Gorbachev and George W. Bush from 2-3 December 1989 remain secret.    

Besides the global issues discussed, there was a detail which prompted Moscow’s behavior towards the Baltic republics.  The USA never recognized the occupation by the Soviets, based on the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1940. These countries had governments in emigration backed by the West. One of the conditions put by Bush in Malta was the recognition by Moscow of the illegal occupation of these areas and the condemnation of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, which was actually made by the Congress of MPs from the USSR. No word about Moldova.   

Here is the answer for those who pathetically wonder why this did not happen earlier, why this did not occur simultaneously with the Baltic states? It is obvious that these republics had a completely other status than Moldova. The lack of attempts by Moscow to organize separatist entities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania comes from here.

The Great National Assembly was summoned for 27 August 1991, where the text of the Declaration of Independence was to be proposed for approval. The entire republic was overwhelmed by emotions and there was information that a huge number of participants were expected to come to Chisinau on the next day.  

On the next day, the emotions were overwhelming. The organizers of the Great National Assembly Square gave instructions to people to come to Chisinau as early as possible, so that the event is festive, memorable, of holiday, etc. there was information that delegations were coming from all directions. The Great National Assembly Square was already full of people who were waiting for the Declaration of Independence. The members of the Presidium voted for the Declaration of Independence, to which amendments on the eastern districts of Moldova were made.    

Hundreds of thousands of people, overwhelmed by huge emotions, listened to the text of the Declaration of Independence from the bottom of their hearts. The vote for the declaration was unanimous. Following the enthusiastic cheers, an urge followed for the MPs to immediately start the voting. Thus, the historical meeting on the adoption of the declaration of Independence started. The lawmakers, in the order of the constituencies where they were elected, signed the text of the historical document; thus, a new state appeared on the map of the world – Republic of Moldova.  

The Declaration of Independence went through more attempts of liquidation. During the rule of the Communists, there were voices of the ruling party’s leaders, who called to revise the coat of arms, flag and the text of the Declaration of Independence. The most horrible crime took place on 7 April 2009, when the original of the Declaration of Independence was destroyed by burning. It seemed that the dream of the communists to get rid of this historical document came true. Yet, on 26 April 2010, the act of birth of Moldova was reestablished at a special parliament meeting, with inviting the signatories of the Declaration of Independence.  

At the insistence of the society, the Prosecutor General’s Office had to carry out the criminal prosecution No 2009038181, started on 10 October 2009, according to the elements of the offence provided for in the Article 329, paragraph 2, letter b of the Criminal Code on the fact of negligence which triggered the destruction of the original Declaration of Independence and original of the Constitution of Moldova. In the best traditions of the native Prosecutor’s Office, even of 12 years have passed since the committing of the crime, the society was not informed about the fate of this file even at present.

More generations of politicians from Moldova tried to diminish the importance of the Declaration of Independence. Each legislative period believes that the history begins with it. The constitutions, international acts, organic laws and many other things can be partially or fully changed. The certificate of birth of the Republic of Moldova is single and intangible. And the basic idea that we are free to decide ‘’the present and future, without any interference from abroad, in accordance with the holy ideals and aspirations of the people in the historical and ethnic space of its national evolution.’’ is a large gate opened to the future, a political and moral testament of a generation of sacrifice.  


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